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The company founder

Behind Trevernovum is the computer scientist Werner Eiden. In the course of his long professional career he has been able to build up and practically implement a very broad spectrum of technical knowledge as well as experience in business processes from very different industries.

In doing so, it was and still is important for him to have both in mind: the big picture and the understanding of the relevant details. Only by that it is possible to make the right decisions in the overall context.

As a result of the planning of a digital transformation, a sustainable project must emerge in the end. His distinctive analytical skills and the equally important competence to synthesise the individual pieces of the puzzle into a sustainable overall concept help him to achieve this.

His experiences

Werner Eiden began his career in 1987 at Siemens in Munich as a software engineer in the area of software quality assurance and databases. Here he gained practical experience as a system software developer and later as a project manager for quality assurance in a heterogeneous development environment.

In 1993, he changed to a public research centre in Luxembourg, where he began to set up an internal IT department and was involved in the planning and implementation of numerous technology transfer projects. At that time the Internet technologies were just emerging, thus the focus was on the question of how these could be used in the everyday business of different industrial sectors. Among general application scenarios the personal focus was on Internet security and networking technologies (LAN & WAN).

Motivated by these experiences and the diverse direct contacts with companies from very different market segments, the foundation of an own service company in Luxembourg took place in 1997, together with two other enthusiasts. The focus was on (1) providing self-developed software solutions both as a product and specifically on customer request; (2) the necessary consulting for project development, implementation and operation of the new solutions; (3) support in redesigning the internal IT infrastructure in cooperation with a local service provider. During the nine years of participation in this venture, very diverse experience could be gained in these three areas. From craft enterprises to financial institutions, all market segments and industries were represented and thus very formative for the understanding of different markets and requirement profiles.

In 2006, the change to the financial industry took place. For an internationally operating fund platform based in Luxembourg, it was the challenge to integrate the constantly changing legal requirements at European and local level into the existing business processes or to adapt these processes accordingly. This requires forward-looking planning and implementation of the requirements in cooperation with external service providers from different industries. Werner Eiden himself was not only actively involved in these projects, but also took responsibility for the set-up, operation and maintenance of a tax reporting solution for international investors.

The experience he gained in the fund industry enabled him to take on new responsibilities at one of the "Big Four" companies in Luxembourg in 2014. Here, Werner Eiden had to design a new online business platform on a "blank sheet of paper" and, together with others, implement it step by step and integrate it into the business operations. As part of the continuous development of the platform, he took on the role of the so-called "product owner" in the agile software development process. This role forms the link between the business operations and the software development and thus ensures that the resulting product meets the requirements of the business operations. Experience has shown that this is only possible with constant and trouble-free communication and is therefore also one of the key competences of a "product owner". In addition, it takes a lot of creativity to translate the sometimes very vague requirements of his clients into viable IT concepts.

Thanks to the intensive experience as part of an agile software development team, the values associated with an agile team were also internalised and lived (see picture on the left) - and not only thanks to the certifications acquired as "Scrum Master" and "Product Owner".

In 2021, Werner Eiden has decided to end his professional career as an employee in order to find the time to pursue new goals.

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