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Providing orientation

As a consultant in the preparation of your digitization project

Below some examples

In the beginning is the idea

You want to bind your customers more closely to you and be able to serve them faster and better. To do this, you may be planning to build an online store or develop a new app. You may even want to try something completely new and break new ground to expand or redesign your service portfolio.

Or you may simply want to optimize your existing processes and internal structures to respond faster and more efficiently to requests, including developing a response to increased cost pressures.

Create requirements catalogue

Your project idea has taken shape. You are planning, for example, to optimize your existing business processes by increasingly aligning your range of services online. You are aware that this will greatly change your existing processes. But what does this mean in detail? What needs to be considered in terms of the processes and systems required? What does this entail for the redesign and expansion of the internal and external infrastructure? How can external service providers be integrated?

We help you clarify these questions by translating your ideas and requirements into a sufficiently detailed requirements catalogue, which serves as the basis for subsequent project planning and cost estimation.

But what do we really want?

It is not uncommon for the actual goals to change during the design phase of a project idea. By concretizing ideas through visualizing screens and the resulting process flows, an understanding of what you actually want to achieve and what you can actually achieve is formed. A series of internal workshops with representatives of the affected areas can help to develop a sustainable consensus in several stages. The decisive factor here is that everyone gets a chance to speak, ideas can be contributed, examined and tested, potential risks can be identified at an early stage, and in this way a viable project concept gradually develops.

We are happy to moderate this process.

Checking economic viability and feasibility

After you have gathered all the ideas and wishes and structured them properly, the all-important questions arise: Is it worth it? Can we afford it? Can we do it with less? What risks are we taking? How long will it take? Who must and can help us? How can and must our own employees be involved? Do they have the time? How should the project be structured in the end?

The answer to these questions depends of course on the concrete project design and must therefore be considered individually for each project and before one starts with a concrete implementation. We are happy to help with this as well.

Involving yourself

The necessary internal commitment during the entire project is often underestimated. People trust that the external service provider(s) will somehow manage it. The fact is, however, that the company's own employees are constantly involved in various ways in every phase of the project. If there is not enough time for this, even the best service provider is deprived of the chance to achieve the desired goal. We make sure that this aspect is taken into account during planning.

Buy or develop it yourself?

Is there a solution on the market that can already implement the targeted goals? At least partially? Or do you really have to develop something very specific for your own company? Custom software development is complex, cost-intensive and involves certain risks. For smaller companies, this is rarely an option.

But there are countless products on the market that all claim to be able to do what your company needs. Which of these ready-made solutions come closest to your needs and requirements? And at what cost?

We support you in evaluating and selecting possible candidates based on the requirements catalogue.

Open source solution as an alternative

Is there perhaps even an open source solution which can be adapted to your own needs? Maybe even with your own resources? For many application areas there are now these free alternatives to the commercial offers.

We help you to find the right alternatives and can check if they are suitable for your use case.

Integration of the selected solution

The new application or IT solution has been selected. Now the question arises as to how this solution can be integrated into the company's own IT and processes. What internal changes, if any, need to be planned and implemented?

This can be considered as an independent project, in which we will gladly accompany you.

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