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Preparing and structuring information

Documentation as the means of choice

Below some examples

Do we have documentation on this?

This is a question that is often asked in a company and is not infrequently answered with a "No" or "Yes, but it is outdated". New employees are to be trained, but there is no process description, no manual and no FAQ. Employees leave the company and their knowledge goes with them without being recorded in a usable form. We all know it like this, for example: "I don't have time to document", "I'll do it later" or even "I'm not good at writing".

This often turns out to be a mistake or a serious omission.

We can protect you from this.

Preparation for certification

You are in the process of setting up a new quality management system, which requires the documentation of all processes and systems involved. Your company has a large number of internal processes, but they have never been fully formalized in writing. Internally, you do not have the necessary resources to create or maintain the required documentation. Here we can support you by conducting interviews or reviews with the affected departments to capture the relevant details and then document them in an appropriate form.

User manual

You have introduced a new system for which there is no (current) user manual yet. In preparation for the rollout, you need a set of manuals that address different user groups, e.g. the internal employees as well as the external customers. For each user group there is a different focus and level of detail. We understand that.

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